Creatrix Lalania Simone weaves her wisdom into textiles, books, and community activism for spiritual growth. We learn more about her story of growing up on the streets and moving past ‘being mad at religion’ to find the pure jewel at the center of each religion.  A common theme in Lalania’s work is the accessibility: subscription box service, practical writing to share magical terms, and an ancestral clinic for affordable healing.

“We can’t wait to be included” in a space or institution. Lalania Simone teaches us how to create a space of spiritual inclusion one stitch at a time.

Subscribe to Lalania’s carefully crafted ritual boxes at Wevolve Box. Locally find Lalania at Alchemy Ritual Goods. Buy Lalania’s practical and interactive book “Urban Soul Warrior: Self-Mastery in the Midst of the Metropolis

We also talk about “Dance of the Dissident Daughter” by Sue Monk Kid (author of Secret Life of Bees).