LadySpeech Sankofa enters the room with an army of spiritual warriors standing behind her. She’s pansexual, black, a feminist and creative who invites you into her poetry, burlesque dancing, and activism. She offers stories of healing trauma and abuse, and how she’s healed with a lifetime of witchy work.

On today’s episode, we cover illuminating topics like checking personal privilege, addressing uncomfortable truths, and how we unite and grow at the same time.  Learning in a movement isn’t always “nice,” and LadySpeech shares her raw and real experiences about showing up to her own evolution. Learn how LadySpeech became a voice for change in Denver (and beyond) by releasing words to the world that healed her.

You’re on the right path, Dreamweavers. LadySpeech wants you to know: “your deficiencies – when you commit to your healing, when you commit to your purpose, when you commit to your magic, when you commit to your path – everything about you will be used. Your deficiencies will be used for the greater good of yourself and your humanity. Your dysfunction will be used, your bullshit will be used, in collaboration with your greatness, in collaboration with your goodness, in collaboration with your magic, you will be used for the libration of yourself and others. Focus on your healing.” 

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Speech also references Indigemama