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E34 – Slowing down from “Human Doing” with Rock ‘n Roll Shaman Andye Murphy

Today's episode with our beloved Rock 'n Roll Shaman is about "human doing" instead of human being. Are you so obsessed with producing, creating, 'doing,' that you can't relax and play? Do you have anxiety about paying bills, staying relevant, or keeping up? Shift...

E33 – Coven Work with Witch Priestess, Teacher, and Ifa Initiate Rory Lula McMahan

Want to start a witch coven? Priestess Rory Lula talks about a lifetime working in covens, how to start a coven, and why working with other witches helps you grow your individual power and understanding.

E32 – The Power of Consensual Sexual Healing with a Career Dominatrix

This episode we dig into the curiosity of what it's like to be a career consensual sex worker. DomX is an anonymous guest that lets us into her decade of experience helping (mostly) men heal emotional trauma. We get real real on the stigma that comes with being a...
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