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You’re a curious human, Dreamweaver.

You’ve always been curious. You were the kid hanging out at the tops of trees you climbed, concocting potions with chemistry kits and lost in the neon stars stuck to the ceiling of your childhood bedroom.  Somewhere along the way too many ‘somebodies’ told you to behave. To stop with all the nonsense. Lock it up because these topics, your inquiry, your curiosity is taboo.

Not here.

Witchcraftsy is discussion about crafting a life of curiosity and uncovering the power you hold to heal yourself. The power you hold to resist structures that hold you back. Here, we’re not afraid to ask the questions that might make us look foolish because we love our inner fool, just as much as we love our accomplished, wise academic.

Let’s have a discussion about patriarchy, healing heartbreak, how to ‘queen up,’ spirit guides, the astral plane, sex magick, death, community, our bodies and our purpose. Let’s explore otherworldly things and what’s holding you back right here at home.

Let’s bring back your curious kid, Dreamweaver.  


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Tapping out some musings onto digital paper feels so good. Although it may seem like an indulgence, sharing is how we heal shit. Check out some thoughts and articles from your host, Amy Lynn!

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