Hi. It’s me, Amy Lynn.

At the end of a particularly shitty year — following years of not being so kind to myself for a multitude of reasons — I decided there had to be a better way to live in this body. I had to find a way to not just be “woke” politically, socially or academically, but I had to awaken every cell in my body and feel my connection to spirit again.

Turning to some trusted badass women in my life, I was connected to an underground world of magickal teachers, healers, speakers, and creatives crafting a connection to spirit. The community I had been part of for over a decade suddenly came to life.

Enter: Years of transformation, education, and some of the strangest conversations I’ve ever had. I invite you to join me in the conversation…

A few things to know about me, your Witchcraftsy host:

I’m a proud and out lesbian woman, social-justice-minded, and I believe we’re in the midst of a tumultuous new wave of feminist rising. I’m the youngest of three witchy sisters, and have followed an earth-based spirituality most of my life. You’ll discover on the show that I embrace a variety of spiritual/religious traditions and honor diversity of perspectives. I’m often found chanting at a yoga clinic in the mountains of Colorado or leading a boardroom about digital transformation in San Francisco.

A sampling of my long list of fanmail recipients will include:

NASA astronauts, Louise Hay, Tom Kenyon, Mary Magdalene, Hillary Clinton, Rob Bell, Maya Angelou, Lady Gaga, Carl Jung, Hindu Goddess Saraswati, David Bowie, my mom, anyone working to help animals, and a long list of sad men playing acoustic music.

Connect, follow and socialize!

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