The inaugural Mile High Conjure Gala was held Halloween weekend in 2017, and I was fortunate to be one of the first attendees. Tucked inside Elaine Bryant’s Lumber Baron Hotel, a historical Denver mansion-turned B&B, we mingled and met local artisans in preparation for a full-day of learning about Hoo Doo and Conjure.

The Witchcraftsy curator and host behind this diverse gathering is Loretta “Loo” Ledesma, the “TheDeathWitch” of Instagram, and a staple in the Denver community of witchy teachers. Hear about how Loo got the idea to start the Conjure Gala, how she uncovered her own “practical magick,” and how she applies her root work for protection (ie. in a strip club where she works!) on the regular. If you’re like me and totally confused by how to hoo doo, or what hoo doo is, this is the cast for you…

Loo inspires us to come out of hiding little Dreamweavers!

2018’s Gala is coming at you September 29th and 30th. Look for a Facebook invite live on February 1st, and start planning your travel into Denver.

2017 Speakers (referenced on the cast): Candelo Kimbisa, Co. Meadows, Professor Charles Porterfield, Michelle Jackson, Ambrozine LeGare, and Professor Ames.