I first met brilliant trauma therapist and shamanic practitioner Genie Hobbs at a course called ‘Death as an Ally.’ With the guide of a drum and softly spoken words, she brought us to a journey space where death showed up. For me, Death was a little shy, playful, and as curious about me as I was about it. I thought about how unlikely an ally Death might seem, but how essential it is to living fully.

Genie has built a career as a licensed clinical social worker, fortified by indigenous wisdom from her years of shamanic study. She works with individuals and couples recovering from trauma, leads groups of students into retreat on sacred land, and teaches seminars. In today’s episode, our discussion spans a world of topics including travel, healing touch, attachment, and celebrating her 60th birthday. We revisit the lessons I picked up from that death seminar, and also discuss another surprising ally in healing – the Tobacco plant.

At times there is discomfort in taking responsibility for your own path and truth, but Genie Hobbs is here to remind you it’s all part of the shamanic way. We just need a little bit of space to let our pain unwind and release the trauma we’re holding.