We’ve talked a lot about death on the Witchcraftsy Podcast. With Spring Equinox just behind us, it’s a prime time to chat birth, babies, and the female body. Dr. Caitlin O’Connor is the perfect first guest guiding us through stages of our physical womanhood — including the option to birth a child. Dr. Caitlin dedicates her career to midwifery, naturopathic healing, and women’s health. In the spirit of a Witchcraftsy woman, she’s all about tapping into our ancient wisdom for healing before we medicate the hell out of our sacred bodies. Her method is to treat the holistic patient and family unit, finding what uniquely works for you. 

You’ll love the energy, honesty, and magic this powerhouse healer brings to the Witchcraftsy podcast! Whether you’re in a maiden, mother, or queen/crone stage of life, this show is for you… but we’ll be paying extra close attention to women in mothering, or riding the waves of hormones. Practical everyday magic for the everyday witch coming right up!

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