The odd, the peculiar, the sweet freak of being incarnated…
I think of all these curious things with aerial and circus performers. The circus as a powerful arena where women are strong, talented, leaders. Aerial is also where performers and audience members engage in healing movement together.
Today’s show we talk to Amber Blais and Staza Stone with Denver’s Rainbow Militia. This group of five women are behind many of the top aerial shows in Denver and graciously let us into their world. We talk about healing movement and self-expression.  We cover TRUST that goes into performing with others in such a high-stress environment.  Maybe these two Dreamweavers will inspire you to give something that scares you a GO?
Below are some show dates, but don’t be sad if you miss them or aren’t in Denver.  You can take classes or attend a Rainbow Militia practice. Follow them on insta! Outside the Denver area? We suggest searching for “learn aerial nearby” and if you can’t find anything, maybe start with a gymnastics class or aerial yoga. Both options will work on foundational skills needed to start flying through the air with the greatest of ease 😉
Upcoming shows!
Like this episode? Check out Kris Drickey in a previous episode. She often collaborates with Wonderbound, the dance company today’s guest Amber Blaise works for! Kris shares her love for aerial performance as healing in episode 10.
Photo Cred: Martha Wirt