How does the divine flow through you, Dreamweaver? Today is all about your creative process.

What’s your creative process on your own or in community? Do you get in the way of your own creative process unfolding? Are you ready to expand your view of ‘what’s creative.’  Is creativity your imagination or intuition? Is all creativity divinely inspired?

Our beloved Andye Murphy, the Rock ‘n Roll Shaman and your host Amy Lynn dance around with topics of creativity and creative process that can evolve throughout your life. Give yourself permission to play and craft, Dreamweaver.  Maybe it’s time to stop holding onto your creative projects and release them to the world.

Also… we owe you a reading of “Kindness” by Naomi Shihab Nye. But in case you don’t want to wait, here she is reading it herself. Doesn’t get better than that, eh?