It’s high time you meet Maria Kohler, my friend and the woman behind the theme music and editing of your favorite weekly witch show. There’s more to Maria aka Kitty Crimes, a rapper, editor, producer, and queer hip-hop artist with a deep and meaningful magickal practice.

In today’s episode, Kitty Crimes reminds us to violate other’s expectations for us through queer hip-hop and other methods. Do things that freak you out. Have fun. Play a little. Be in your sexual energy. We dig into some examples of how the ‘live fast, die young’ mentality can be harnessed to really LET GO and allow your creative energy flow. Kitty Crimes will open magical underground wormholes of goodness – the spaces and places that aren’t monetized to hell yet and can hold depth, power, and simple wisdom.

A bit more…

When Witchcraftsy started we needed an editor. We knew it had to be someone “tapped in” to what we were creating. As you learned in E21 with Jen Korte, we often turn our work over to producers and editors that don’t GET our craft. We run the risk of losing the heart of our creation. In other words, editors and producers can hold the power to decide what’s meaningful or not. We’re over the moon to have Kitty Crimes as our editor and co-producer.

Check out some queer hip-hop good shit with Maria’s new album on Spotify and check the FULL song of “Magic.” Follow Kitty’s adventures on Instagram. Share her music with a friend or catch an upcoming show. Hire her to DJ or produce your work.

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