The magikcal, mystical community throws a lot of fancy words around. What does ascension mean? What is a “Light Body” or a “Merkaba”? Is there a difference between magick and magic? What does it mean to be spiritually enlightened

Today’s spirited cast digs into some common spiritual and self-identity words used in everyday conversation… that is, if you’re rolling with a woo woo posse. We turn to Andye Murphy, the Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, a spiritual healing practitioner, to weigh in personally and professionally. We cover sex magick, sacred masculine, sapphism and feminism. It’s a wild ride with some big language. 

Remember, Dreamweaver, we all have limitations based on life experience and worldview. These are big terms with connections into a myriad of spiritual faiths.  Further, Andye and I (your host, Amy Lynn) have different spiritual practices, sexual orientations, and life experiences. We disagree at times. You might disagree. I encourage you to check in on what resonates and leave the rest. Alternatively, discuss the cast with a friend and/or write to us at  We’re open to your feedback or suggestions for more terms to tackle.