What does it mean to “walk-in” to your body, instead of being born? Is that beyond your understanding? Good. Chong Bhakti’s of Holographic Divine Healing is here to talk about what’s beyond your understanding in life. What’s at the fringe of possibility in your mind, Dreamweaver?

Today’s episode is the story of how Chong Bhakti walked into her body at age eight in South Korea, and what that meant for her life’s work in as a healer. We move into a discussion about the inception point where she discovered her gifts, and how that path has been unfolding in her life. Heads up: This conversation is SO JUICY, we broke it into two parts. Look for part two coming shortly!

A bit more on Chong Bhakti’s techniques employed to help you connect to your soul’s destiny:

  • Spiritual Coach
  • Relationship & Communication Specialist
  • Divine Intervention
  • Huna
  • Multidimensional Healing
  • Chi Nei Tsang
  • Reiki
  • Connection With Ascended Masters
  • Activate Light Body DNA
  • The lineage of Curandero (Coo rundero)
  • Soul Reconnection
  • Light Language
  • Shamanic & Energy Healing
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ear Candling