This cast is a love letter to witches (and other magickal folks) about how we use our words to name the oppression, injustice, and discrimination we experience. Amy Lynn shares an intimate story about petitioning against gender discrimination as a wee witch, and how it’s applicable to today. Using our words to name the things that steal our power helps reclaim our agency. But naming it is just the start…

What does it feel like? How do you cope with those feelings?

If the oppression sits and festers inside, it is a dark veil that cloaks our gifts, powers, and connection to our higher self. Let’s free ourselves by naming and feeling the feelings, breaking the cycle of storing the trauma in our blood. Our words are the most epic tools we have in our witchy kits.

Just a few things to add to your weekend toolkit of juicy, badass, powerhouse women and change agents:

  • Trailer for “Nanette” on Netflix by Hannah Gatsby
  • Anything (writing or performance) by Andrea Gibson
  • RBG” Documentary produced by Magnolia Pictures
  • “Growing up Coy” produced by Eric Juhola
  • “13th” directed by Ava DuVernay
  • Awesome Bustle article from last year with some other great documentaries

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