Have you ever walked into an older space and simply knew it: something paranormal was going on! For you, Dreamweaver, it was probably something to get excited about. We love mystery from the astral plane. Haunted mansions are the topic of today’s show with none other than Elaine Bryant, the Baroness of the Lumber Baron Inn & Gardens in Denver, CO. She and her husband Joel answered the call to purchase this 10,000+ square foot beauty in the last few years, and the mystery just keeps unfolding!

Elaine has made it her mission to transform the haunted mansion from a sensational attraction about the 70’s murder mystery, to a sacred space used for community, learning, and retreat.  Learn about how the haunted mansion talks to her, what gifts it leaves her, and who it attracts to teach Elaine personally and professionally. Learn about what it takes to be the trusted steward of a powerful home, how Elaine is evolving her divination with Lenormand card reading, and what she’s most excited about next.

Psssst, the Lumber Baron and Elaine first came into Witchcraftsy orbit due to the ultra special event known as the Conjure Gala. The second annual event still has tickets and kicks off on Sept 29th  Check out Episode 11 with Loo Ledesma to learn more about Conjure!