“Going through “Weirdo” is certainly one of the steps of initiation on the path to authenticity and spirituality” – Andye Murphy, Rock ‘n Roll Shaman

Today we talk about Impostor Syndrome. Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in the social or spiritual communities you’re participating in? Do you feel like a phony, fraud, or like you don’t fit the typecast of a witch, healer, psychic, or medium? Do you feel equally as phony and fraudulent in mainstream society? Some advice on how to stretch and grow into the unfamiliar of a community, and how to create your own space to practice, celebrate, and study your magick.

Where do you feel like you belong, Dreamweaver? How can you use the feeling of innate belonging to overcome impostor syndrome to release your ego and live an authentic life?

Amy Lynn & our beloved Andye Murphy, the Rock ‘n Roll Shaman recorded this at the end of a tumultuous Summer season, drawing from aspects of a dark night of the soul. This episode was inspired by a letter from a listener like you. Thank you to Daniel for sharing his fears and challenges for our collective growth and reflection. Please contact us at Witchcraftsy.com for topic requests, feedback, or musings!

Episodes references: “Human Doing” with Andye, and This American Life episode on “Fermi’s Paradox”