2019 is here Y’all! Your participation is required. You can no longer sit on the sidelines and observe your life in motion. What are you looking to change or evolve? What are you leaving or moving towards? First, let’s celebrate the path behind you, Dreamweaver. There are so many gifts from 2018, so let’s honor them.

Amy Lynn and Andye Murphy the Rock ‘n Roll Shaman channel in some messages for the new year, and unpack your 2019 forecast. Be a transmitter of more love. A pillar of strength and calm. Do this by loving yourself. It’s time to release the narcissist, and let go of the waiting for another to change… letting go is a remarkable act of self-love.

Let’s look for more love, joy, growth, and of course, Witchcraftsy episodes this year. Email us, give us feedback, what episode topics would you like us to cover? Guests you’d like to meet?