Dreamweaver…. get excited. Today’s episode features Italian Witch, artist, author, medium, and total Goddess, Karyn Crisis. Karyn recently published “Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women,” that is equal parts adventure, practical tools for Italian witch-work, and commentary on the Divine Feminine.

Part 1 of this episode will feature how Karyn followed the breadcrumbs of her life to learn the history of Italian witches she met during her travels. With the help of Italy’s witches, Karyn will change the way you think about the labels you ascribe to your spiritual practices (ie. paganism and shamanism!). This episode is about reclaiming our stories from the ancient mystery schools and everyday accessible healing. This episode is a gorgeous, emotional, and invigorating story about remembering your magick.

Learn more about Karyn, or order her book! You can also get in in Denver at RitualCravt.

A great book Karyn references in this episode is “Language of the Goddess” by Marija Gimbutas