“There is no authority on spirituality. There are living links we can connect with.” – Karyn Crisis

Today’s episode is part two of Italian Witch, artist, author, medium, and total Goddess, Karyn Crisis. Karyn recently published “Italy’s Witches and Medicine Women,” that is equal parts adventure, practical tools for Italian rootwork, and commentary on the Divine Feminine. Part two we talk about Karyn’s spiritualist training, growing on/away from a community, divine feminine cosmology and more. Learn about what’s coming next for this talented, curious and magickal woman.

Are you interested in study & practice of Indigenous Italian shamanism, Italian rootwork, daily sacred magic, or channeling and mediumship? Check out Karyn’s ONLINE Golden Bough School. You can also follow her developing facebook page to get the latest news!  Finally, Karyn has a new GOSPEL OF WITCHES album… yes, please!

Enjoy, Dreamweaver!