It’s really easy to ignore the synchronicities our helping team of beloved Spirit Guides create to get our attention.These signs are meant to lead us down a path of our highest service. They show up in the form of numbers, ‘coincidences,’ animals, or other omens. Do you pay attention? Do you follow? What excuses do you make to stay ‘stuck?’

Naomi Ochoa is the inspiring founder of Wise Moon Wellness followed the call to carry her ancestral torch of healing, and with it, an unlikely path for her life was illuminated. Naomi now runs a successful integrated healing practice with a focus on bodywork. Today’s episode we discuss recovery, leaving toxic relationships behind, and finding time to dig into the pain bodies we carry with us. “The issues are in your tissues!”  Love the body you’re in and know that medicine is all around in the communities we live in and serve.

Naomi’s offers private bodywork appointments at Wise Moon Wellness Denver. She is also a part of a healing clinic at Ritual Alchemy Goods that offers “sliding scale” payment to make healing affordable inner city. For more on understanding what a spirit guide is, check out Andye’s Spirit Guides article at Wyrd Collective.