The Witchcraftsy Podcast

E26 – Common Magickal Terms Unpacked feat. Rock ‘n Roll Shaman

What is a “Light Body” or a “Mer Ka Ba”? Is there a difference between magick and magic? This episode is all about unpacking common terms used in spiritual spaces.

E25 – Queer Hip-Hop, Violating Expectations with Producer & Rapper Kitty Crimes

Embrace queer hip-hop as a magickal method of play and creativity with rapper and producer Kitty Crimes. Violate expectations others have of you. Let Witchcraftsy and Kitty Crimes lead you down a path of underground goodness on today’s podcast about queer hip-hop and more.

E24 – Spiritual Factors of Illness & Health with Herbalist Raven Rose

Raven Rose with Moon Medicine is an herbalist and diviner working to uncover the spiritual factors of illness and health. Her path unfolded when she started her own personal searching to heal her endometriosis. She turns to the earth and plants for remedies and...
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