Community and your ritual practice, Dreamweaver…

Astrologist Porsche Bazany (of Urania Universe) and Yogi/Body Healer Jessica Jean Muir (of Raven Roots) started trading spells like recipes, and conjuring up post-shift rituals while working in a restaurant together. Mother Goddess lives everywhere, Y’all, Their solo magick coming together started to morph into a glorious idea for Luna Goddess Circles: let’s bring more curious witches together for learning, experimentation, and collective healing.

Oftentimes witches and spiritual folks get stuck in solo practice. It’s easy to get used to your brand of candle magick, your secret forest getaway, or the special way you do your prayers with the moon. We forget to hold hands with others as a way to amplify our divine energy for an serve the collective. Get inspired to Join a Luna Goddess Circle, start your own goddess circle, or apply the manifestation ritual they share on today’s episode. We promise, you’ll catch the vibes and heart-centered goodness right from the start. So Mote it Be!

Follow Luna Goddess Circle insta, or connect 1:1 with Jessica Jean or Porsche. They welcome your ideas, feedback, or participation in a future Circle!

We briefly talk about Prison Yoga Project – check it out!