Witches working hard on their craft! We love singer/songwriter Jen Korte with Lady Gang. She’s a radically talented musician and puts on a damn fine show. But there’s more behind the performance – the entertainment – what you see on stage. Jen Korte teaches us that to truly become masterful at your craft, it takes practice, mentorship (giving back), fostering community, and a curious mind. This episode with inspire you to savor your creative process, and find the motivation to work for your craft.

Learn what happened when Jen first picked up an instrument, and how she’s continued to iterate and evolve her music into her own special brand of witchcraftsy devotion to the beat.

Jen is a well-respected and talented musician working on several professional projects at once. You’ll find Jen Korte surrounded by pedals and guitars with her new solo act Lady Gang. You might also catch her performing with her signature band Jen Korte and the Loss, or on stage as the new front-woman for the well-respected cover band Gin Doctors in Denver, CO. When she’s not on stage or creating magickal music, she’s often with her gorgeous wife and sipping wine with your Witchcraftsy host. 🙂