Raven Rose with Moon Medicine is an herbalist and diviner working to uncover the spiritual factors of illness and health. Her path unfolded when she started her own personal searching to heal her endometriosis. She turns to the earth and plants for remedies and supports the path with Tarot to call in helpful ancestors for healing.
What did you inherit from your ancestral lineage that might be causing your illness? How do you connect with them to your ancestors to heal the spiritual factors that could cause illness? Here are a few helpful steps to connect with your ancestors…
  1. Set up an ancestral altar
  2. Start an ancestral meditation with those who can help you
  3. Give offerings to ancestors
Raven also shares some wisdom from her course Menstruation in the Moon – another helpful arena for understanding spiritual factors of illness and health. How to track your cycle and get more familiar with the flow of your own body.
We cover so much in today’s show, including plant brushing, favorite common plants, and how to get started if you don’t have a green thumb. Connect with Raven Rose on social media, read her blog, or find her reading and teaching courses about spiritual factors of illness and health at RitualCravt School, or in private practice.
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