“I will walk alongside you to support you as you transform your life, bringing out all that you are and radiating your perfection. I am here to honor your journey and the gift within.” – Robin Wiggs

Have you dreamed about switching careers to enter the healing arts? Are you already helping others with your words and touch? What’s holding you back? Today’s guest is full of warm wisdom for you, Dreamweaver.  Robin Wiggs,  a shamanic practitioner with Alchemy of Light, retired early from the hustle of a high-stress job in corporate to become a healer with massage therapy and multiple forms of divination.

Robin spent decades of her life in the chaos of the corporate world, and now is helping other align. Let’s soak up that wisdom and get inspired to create the life we really want.

Beyond Robin’s big career shift, we also get into a variety of favorite mysterious topics. Fairies: What’s the deal, and how do we invite them around? Angels: Where and when to call on them?  Your Witchcraftsy host Amy Lynn will share a little insight into a super helpful “healing my younger self” session with Robin. Enjoy!