Hello, Dreamweaver. Are you feeling a little disconnected from source, lately? Checking boxes while you hustle to make shit happen vs. aligning with others? Maybe you’re just focused so much on a solo work or healing practice, you feel stuck or alone.

Today’s super intimate little cast is a witchy lesson from me, your host. I call it “Where the people are” because it’s all about connecting to the source by being with our fellow humans. It’s about learning from and growing with others. It’s about unexpected places where mother spirit shows up.

Here are a few suggestions at the end of the cast for how to “be where the people are”:

1.)   Change Perspective: Realize we need each other. In an OnBeing episode this week I heard John A. Powell share “there is no such thing as a sovereignty.” We are in relationship with one another.” We’ve become our own victims of hyper-individualization. Realizing I need others scares the shit out of me sometimes! I can do it on my own. I’m powerful, and in charge. Nope. We need each other to grow, and to comfort when the growing pains are too much to bear.

2.)   Change Scenery: Go somewhere outside of your normal and just listen. Healing circles, gong baths, guided meditations, and other curated ceremonies are great healing. We talk about that a lot on the show. Great spirit is everywhere. But get clear about when you are insulating yourself in an echo chamber of likeness. Get objective, Dreamweaver. Is everyone in that room similar to you in more than one way? Are you reinforcing the path to spiritual growth in a yoga pose?

3.)   Change your Obligations: Doing doing doing so much lately? Awesome. But are you hustling or aligning? My friend Kendra asked me that the other day. If you want to be where the people are, you aren’t going to get there with the hustle. You need to align. And the first step to that is offering to Help. Ask your guides for some help with what helping looks like.

4.)   Embrace Disclosure. No, I don’t mean the day aliens reveal themselves… although that’s coming. I mean admit when you are working on something. You’ll be welcomed or at least admired for being truthful.  What are you working on? You don’t need to publish it, or shout it on social media, but find a trusted source or safe space to disclose. You’ll find it brings you closer to people. Remember, It’s ok to say I’m working on “let me meditate/pray/noodle/sit with that” And then go do that. Sit with it. Maybe ask for some help from your team of guides in the astral realm. You’re not alone.

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