Today’s episode is a witch’s ‘coming out’  toolkit featuring Free L’Amour, a poet, teacher, speaker, and healer for a modern age. Get radically inspired to come forward with your gifts or “spirit will put you back on the shelf.” Learn about how free ‘came out’ as a witch and why she’s so passionate about embracing the mother goddess to balance the world. We get real deep into different tools and tactics of her witch’s practice — working with nature, tarot, HooDoo, dance and more.

Are you ready to live a life of magick? Ask some hard questions. Sit alone in the light and dark of yourself. Get right with who you are, Dreamweaver. All else? “Chuck that shit in the fuck it bucket.”

Are you a Witch Coming Out? Connect with Free for spell books, courses, magickal products, and more. Psssst: A few decks we geek out on (Free’s “fantastic four”): Isis Oracle Deck, Goddess Tarot Deck, Divination Oracle, Magical Dimensions. Free also loves the Witch’s Oracle.

Special thank you to my sister Katie for introducing me to Free. She found her on Instagram and took her online course. She was transformed and free to move deeper into her witch-work…and so will you after today’s cast.