It’s high time we talk to Witch Priestess Rory Lula McMahan, founder of Sacred Table. It’s impossible to spend any time in Denver’s witch community without hearing a gush, rave, or sigh of gratitude for the work of this one woman. Amongst many things, she is the founder of the RitualCravt school, a Witch Priestess leading local witch covens, and an Ifa Initiate.

Today’s cast we dig into questions like: What is an Ifa initiate? What happens in a witch coven? Are there different approaches to witch coven work? With Rory Lula’s story of her spiritual path, you’ll get deeper in touch with your own path… and maybe find a course to expand your knowledge and understanding of your own magick. Hell, maybe you’ll start your own witch coven, Dreamweaver? 😉

Find Rory’s Daily Tarot Draw on Insta.